corner of my studio

I missed sewing. Today I revisited my spider-ridden studio corner where my neglected Pfaff and threads reside and took photos of my supplies instead. I haven’t sewn anything in months since I opened Modish Vintage on etsy. It’s a shame since I keep finding pretty vintage fabric and supplies each time I go thrifting, and each time I day dream of what cute bags and dresses I can make with them. But alas, I don’t and can’t find time.

Sewing requires time, creativity and lots of patience, all of which I lack at the moment. I have so much respect for all the talented tailors and seamstress on Etsy for all the hardwork and creativity they put on their work. I don’t think I can be a good seamstress, I don’t like the process so much, like the measuring, cutting, basting and the most fun part - unpicking stitches; (I could never imagine sewing in the old days without the almighty seam ripper , those ladies must be cussing up a storm all day in their shops back then) Anyways, I can never wait to see the end result. I’ll start a project, won’t cook, eat or sleep so I can finish and see the finish product.

Since I don’t forsee any sewing in the near future, I am listing some sewing supplies at the shop soon, please look for them.


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  3. Hi Cathy - I can be impatient and want perfection, makes sewing fairly frustrating at times. I am very fond of the seam ripper. Well, I'm not sure "fond" is the correct word but I do use it a lot. I'm excited to take a wet felting class next month and have another means to create with felt.